Andreas Schlegel
Germany / Singapore
andi [at]

Andreas Schlegel, born 1975 in Stuttgart (Germany), is a communication designer, programmer, and media artist interested in collecting data, sensing spaces, generating moving images in realtime, exploring communication processes in the fields of networks. Currently he is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Media Arts at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. Before joining LASALLE, he worked at ART+COM, Berlin. With experiences in academic, artistic, and commercial environments for the past 6 years, his focus is on creating interactive and auto-active media installations as well as online and mobile based works. Andreas' research interests are located in the fields of networks and databases as well as creating audio-visual ex-periences using computational and generative processes.

Vladimir Todorovic
Serbia / Singapore
v [at]

Vladimir Todorovic, born 1977, in Zrenjanin (Serbia), studied and taught at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade, Department of Art Studio, University of California Santa Barbara and is the Interactive Arts pathway coordinator and a lecturer at Lasalle College of the Arts. He is the founder of the Emerging Art and Technologies Research Group 'RASTER' based in Singapore and co-founded the Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies 'NAPON' in Novi Sad, Serbia.
His research explores game cultures and technologies, location based media, mobile platforms, 'transcoded systems', Information Technologies, open source systems, sound art, architecture and urban design, and the definitions and reinvention of the realities that lead to the changes of the social strata. Strategically, his recent activities seek for the ways and platforms to recreate media we consume into the media we define.