syntfarm is a collective which explores and preserves expressions and structures of dynamic (eco)systems on our planet. there are 4 spheres that syntfarm renders on informational and tactile basis: Atmosphere, Biosphere, Lithosphere, and Hydrosphere. syntfarm's approach is to experience, showcase, and understand the life on the planet with its needs and rules. stressing syntfarm's home brewed means and methods, the actions are manifested in 3 layers NOA, NODAA, SE. their tendency is to become a dynamic encyclopedia in time, nature, and online.

input data gathering, observing, soil sampling, bio-sampling, trekking, hiking, wandering. processing analysis, experiencing, rendering, using algorithms to convert and store data sets. output performances, objects, diaries, documentations, synthetic ecosystems.

network of actions

NOA is a cycle of data collections and performances. data is gathered in one location and is then rendered and performed in a new place. environment in the new place is used to collect a new set of data. the cycle continues.

autonomous data objects

physical objects that archive moments and facts in time. they are left behind in a designated place and keep track of past moments of that space. archived data sets are: air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, diaries, etc.

synthetic ecosystem

all acquired data sets from NOA and NODAA are preserved as farms in a digital ecosystem. all farms have a dynamic behavior in their dedicated environment and simulate potential mechanisms of future ecosystems. they map their inhabited phenomena into hot and cold characteristics by mimicking the processes and systems that were observe from physical space.